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    Do you want to manage your business more effectively and efficiently? My 3 simple steps method can help! With the unified business operating system, I will walk you through setting up various systems to streamline your day-to-day operations. From email marketing to invoicing and beyond, let us take over the tedious tasks so you can focus on what's important – running your business!

    Hey, my name is Santosh Pawaskar. I guide small/medium business owners and entrepreneurs to scale-up their business through 3 simple steps method called BizPro Automation Blueprint. Join my "3S Learning - It makes automation easy" which is a community on Facebook. Where you will get knowledge that you will not find elsewhere on the internet.

    I am also associated with Get Set Go, an educational organisation which has mission to bring back Gurukul education system based on Panchkosha learning in a modern way.

    Over and above, me and my family are on mission to make 1000s of families healthy and happy in next 3 years by spreading the awareness of drinking healthy water.

Unified Business Operating System: The Smart Way to Run Your Business in the Modern Digital World

Businesses today are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. It's just because they're relying on outdated methods like paper filing, manual data entry and clumsy manual interactions.

Are you too struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape? 

BizPro Automation Blueprint is a 3 Steps Method of business process automation which can be used as a solution that will help your business keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. We offer a variety of services, including paperless filing, automated data entry, and more. 

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It's very important for business owners and their employees to spend their time on more productive work. If you and your employees' are spending lot of time on routine and duplicate work then you need to identify those first.


You need a tool to automate all those routine and duplicate work. Don't know which tool to use. I am their to guide you.


We together will set the right processs for your business. And keep on improving those. 

Tech Scale-Up Coach's Expert Interview with India's Top Sales Coach!

Get ready to boost your business process automation game with expert insights from India's finest commission selling guru, Dr. Rajat Sinha! In this interview, our tech scale-up coach shares practical tips and tricks to help you achieve greater efficiency and profitability in your business. With years of experience in guiding small and medium business owners, our coach offers valuable advice on how to implement successful automation strategies. Don't miss this engaging conversation that's sure to inspire and inform! Watch now and take your business to the next level!

I am passionate about. 

I guide people to scale-up their business through a simple 3-Step Method called BizPro Automation Blueprint WITHOUT any technical knowledge and complex processes and EVEN IF you have a limited budget and resources.

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We have cool people, fun activities and games and prizes to be won, on the road to achieving business growth which will transform your small or medium business into a multi-million company.

Deep understanding of not only top management people but also of ground level people.

Over thousands of projects handled.

Interacted with many corporate clients.

Interacted with hundreds of vendors.

Automate Your Business Processes and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Want to learn how to automate your business? Join the BizPro Automation Blueprint today and learn from the pros! You'll receive step-by-step instructions, templates and more - all designed to help you automate your business. Enroll now and get started today!

Simple to use, Easy to learn, Effective to implement

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